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Our Focus

Love for Detail

Love for Detail

Our love for detail and well-balanced proportions and colors brings that little extra that makes your website shine.

Beautiful design

Quality content

Balanced colors

We don't stop at what works. We always add that special touch to make things work beautifully and look amazing. Not only should it be candy for the eye, but it should be soothing to the soul. If you need an even more striking effect, we will take high quality pictures for you (like in this example the flowers).

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

No matter if you are familiar with web interfaces or not, we will create an easy solution for you.

Understanding requirements

Streamlined solutions

For example you need to refresh your digital content on a regular basis and you would like to update your pictures and other content without needing to remember a certain workflow? We'll create a solution for you. Like in this example we built a plugin that synchronizes the fotos on the website with a folder on our clients computer. Updating the website becomes as easy as copying a file.

Our Services


We take professional photographs, find a fitting theme and adjust the style and color to align with your content.


We build anything for you from simple content management to shop systems and custom business logic.


We design systems that are easy to maintain yourself. If you need more support, we will find a suitable setup.

Our Portfolio

Kia Böck: Kein Blabla

Kia Böck: Kein Blabla

This project is a relaunch of the Kia's business website: Kein Blabla.

The original website needed a refreshing and so we reprogrammed it with a more modern technology and look, keeping the same basic design and color concepts.


Michael Dillmann

Michael Dillmann

A portfolio website for a painter, with focus on simplicity in design as well as on ease of use for the artist.

For this we created a plugin to allow very simple updating of the constantly changing image content.


Mother Meera

Mother Meera

In the process of making the booking system mobile friendly, we updated the underlying software, the overall workflow and the frontend design.

Now users benefit from a faster system and can easily manage their booking on a mobile device.


Our Expertise

Together with our clients we find a style that really suits them and their product. We do this inhouse as well as working with other web designers, depending on the size of the project and the individual needs.

Our websites are user friendly and easy to use, with a focus on clarity and simplicity. We give attention to detail and make sure it looks great on all kinds of devices. We also take care of search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media integrations.

From custom systems to common ones, we tailor our solutions to your needs. Ease of use for the site owner is key for us. We have expertise in Wordpress, Kirby, Astro and many other popular CMS systems, as well as in building more complex systems using Java/Spring or PHP. Thus we select the option that is best for you.

Do you often have to do a very repetitive task? Is there a complex workflow that takes a lot of your attention? Do you have an unusual booking process that is not covered by any existing online service? Whatever it is, we will try to find the right solution for you.

About Us

We are a group of experienced web designers and software developers. We love our work and strive to be as much at peace as we are reliable and productive. Happiness, honesty and peace are our priorities. Regarding our work, our clients and ourselves.

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